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What does SMH mean

SMH (Shake My Head)

In social media slang, “SMH” stands for “shaking my head.” It is often used to express disapproval, disappointment, or frustration with someone or something.

When do people say “smh”? Well, if someone says something silly or mean, another person might respond with “smh” to show they’re not happy with what was said. Also, if someone’s annoyed with a dumb situation or a choice they don’t like, they might use “smh” too. On social media, “smh” is a way to show you’re not happy with someone or something, and it’s mostly used in casual online chatting.


“SMH” stands for “shaking my head.” It's used to express disbelief, disappointment, or disapproval.

In texting, “smh” still means “shaking my head.” It's a way to show you're shaking your head at something silly or frustrating.

Nope, “smh” doesn't have a sexual meaning. It's just about expressing your feelings, like disbelief or disapproval.

On Snapchat and Instagram, “smh” means the same thing: "shaking my head.” People use it to react to stuff they find ridiculous or annoying.

The slang meaning of “smh” is still “shaking my head.” It's just a casual way to show you're not happy about something.

In chat or texting, “smh” means “shaking my head.” It's like when you're disappointed or can't believe something.

"SMH" stands for "shaking my head." It's a quick way to show you disagree or are disappointed.

On TikTok, “smh” still means “shaking my head." People use it to react to videos they find dumb or frustrating.

In real life, “smh” means “shaking my head.” It's a way to silently express that you don't approve, or you're disappointed.

In real estate, “smh” might stand for “Square Meters of Housing,” but usually, it's just “shaking my head” when used online or in texting.

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