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YouTube to MP3 ? If you wanna find out, how to convert any of your favorite YouTube videos including any song, podcast etc. into mp3 audio file. Then you’re here at the right place, We “Web X Founders” will help you know about some best resources, sites, and desktop apps which you can use to download and enjoy anything of your choice offline.  YouTube to mp3 converter sites are feasible and free to use, but mostly they are not reliable and can cause harm to our devices such as Android phones or iPhones. So for that purpose, we still have a solution for you that you can use other available reliable converters out there , which can work and install on Windows, macOS and Linux. 

YouTube to mp3 - 6 Safe & Easy Methods 2024

Here, we’ll list down some online best YouTube to mp3 converters, which will ease your task, and you will be able to extract any YouTube audio and convert in into mp3 audio file.

Note that, these websites may sometimes lag and furthermore, they usually don’t appear as google search bar results, as these websites are also used for some illegal purposes.

You must have heard about “Y2Mate”, It is the top online YouTube to mp3 converter. It is the most used website for the purpose of converting YouTube videos to mp3 files with the best sound quality. The following are other sites which are also termed as “Best YouTube to mp3 converters”.

  • There is a site called “https://dirpy.com/”, which enables us to download any YouTube audio with the quality of 320 kbps or lower than 32 kbps.
  • Another site, “https://tubemp3.to”, provide us with the quality up to 320 kbps.
  • There is a site “https://ontiva.com”, which provides us dual options to proceed. The First option is that we first sign up for an account. By doing so, you can get a benefit that you download YouTube audios with the good quality up to 320 kbps. But it’s optional, you can also go with another option that you can proceed without any account, but the con of this option is that you’ll only download audio with the quality of 128 kbps.
  • Another site, “https://getx.topsandtees.space”, which provides us best quality audios up to 320 kbps without making an account.
  • Last but not the least, there is a site “https://mp3dl.cc”, which is a little different from the websites mentioned above.

By using this converter, we will not be able to convert YouTube videos into mp3 format, but we can easily download more high quality audio formats like ; FLAC, OGG, AAC etc. The More Good Quality it offers, The Best YouTube to mp3 converter site it is.

If the quality doesn’t matter to you, then you have other options too, which delivers low quality mp3 audio files, which are safe to use.

  • There is a Website called “https://en.onlinevideoconverter.pro”, which enables us to download YouTube videos to mp3 files with medium quality variable bitrate ( VBR) format.
  • Another website, “https://motionbox.io/tools/youTube-to-mp3”, which is also a YouTube converter to mp3. But it only allows you to download low quality audios like 128 kbps mp3 files. We can freely use this website without signing up for an account.
  • https://loader.to, is also a good platform to enjoy free low quality mp3 audio files.
  • https://ytmp3.nu/0C1e3/, is a must to try out for safe and fast audio files.

If you’re wondering how to download YouTube videos to mp3, then we have got you all covered. This process can be done in a few easy steps, which enables us to convert from YouTube to mp3 files. It can be done on any android phone or IOS.

Let’s get back to the process. Firstly, all you need to do is open the YouTube app, then click on any YouTube video of your choice. After selecting a YouTube video, you’ll see some options below any YouTube video. The options include; Like, Dislike, Share, Remix etc. Then click on the “Share” option. Then here arises 3 other options showing, “Share on WhatsApp, Instagram, or Bluetooth”, Second one is “Copy link” and the last one is “Quick Share”. You have to choose the “Copy Link” option. Then your YouTube video link will be copied. After that, open google. Then search for any website of your choice, whose purpose is to convert YouTube to mp3 audio files. Then you’ll see a search bar, where you can paste that YouTube video’s URL, which you have copied before. After pasting it, it will take some time to download that audio. And tadaa, now you’re all set to enjoy free mp3 audios offline.

But here is a reminder, Be cautious while selecting a YouTube to mp3 safe converter.

Here, the word “SAFE”, doesn’t mean that you can trust on these websites. These types of websites are mostly harmful for our devices as they may steal our personal information or may cause any internal error which can further cause more issues.

As we have already told you to be careful with these sites as they contain many ads plus have an ability to infect our devices. These sites mostly contain viruses, which can also hack our devices too. Despite all of these scenarios, you don’t need to worry about it because we’ve got a solution for this:

To cope up with these sites and to be on a safe side, you only have to use an ad blocker such as “Ublock” to get rid of these ads. Those ads usually contain various elements which can be dangerous for our devices. Also, update your Antivirus Software before using any of these sites.

YouTube to mp3 - 6 Safe & Easy Methods 2024

MediaHuman is a YouTube to mp3 converter app, which can be installed on Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu Linux. We can freely download audio files with a good quality up to 320 kbps audio mp3 files. Now, we’ll let you know how to download MediaHuman YouTube to mp3 converters on different types of devices.

If you want to install MediaHuman on Windows or macOS, then search for the website “https://www.mediahuman.com/download.html”, and then you’ll see two options:“ Download for Mac” or “Download for Windows 64-bit or 32-bit”. Click on any of the options because it’s up to you, on which device you want to download MediaHuman.

In this case, you can use apt-get to install the MediaHuman app on Linux.

It can be done in few steps such as;

sudo add-apt-repository https://www.mediahuman.com/packages/ubuntu
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 7D19F1F3
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install youtube-to-mp3

After installing MediaHuman for Windows, Linux etc. You’ll see that it provides us a default mp3 bitrate quality of only 192 kbps, So as you can see that’s this quality is quite low. If you want a good quality audio file, so then you have to do some changes such as;

  • Firstly, you have to Open MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 converter app.
  • After that, you’ll see a gear icon, click on the gear icon and then select Preferences.
  • Now tap on the Audio output tab.
  • In  “Output format”, you’ll have many choices to choose the preferred bitrate, such as 320.
  • Now it’s totally optional, that you can also customize the file name format, such as “Artist – Title” or “Title – Artist,” as well as the download folder etc.
  • Also, before creating the Files through the tags tab, You can also customize the ID3 tags.
  • Click on OK when you have completed the procedure. After doing such changes, you’ll achieve a high quality audio file.

To copy the address of any YouTube video, you need to go on your browser, and search for the YouTube playlist or video you want to download. 

After doing so, click on the address bar and then highlight the URL of that particular video. After highlighting, Press Control C on Pc or if you’re doing that on Mac, then press Command + C, then the address of that playlist will be copied subsequently.

After copying the address through the above process, Now all you have to do is Click, then a “Paste” option will appear. Then, simply, paste the video’s address on MediaHuman.

After that, you’ll see an interface, where you can add an entire YouTube playlist by clicking on the list icon to the right side of the Playlist name. Afterward, all the songs included in the playlist will be added to the download queue.

Here comes the last step , Now you’ll see an arrow at the top right corner . Just Click on that arrow and then all the songs mp3 audio files will be downloaded on your computer

3. By Click Downloader ( PC) Method :

YouTube to mp3 - 6 Safe & Easy Methods 2024

It’s another easy technique to extract high quality audio mp3 files from YouTube videos. It can be done in few steps;

Firstly, You have to Install By Click App. For that, Search for the website, “https://www.byclickdownloader.com” on your Windows PC. Then click on the download option. After doing that, By Click app will be installed.

Choose and Control given By Click Preferences :

  • After the installation of the By Click app, Open the app. Then tap on the toolbar at the top. Now to choose preferences, you have to follow the given steps;
  • Firstly, you have to choose the folder. Then, click on the lower side of the folder icon and choose where to save the MP3 file.
  • Then Choose Format of your choice and then select MP3 here.
  • Now you can easily Choose Quality, to opt for 320 kbps, choose Best under “Choose Quality.” Furthermore, you can also select Custom and choose a lower bitrate quality.

Get the address of the YouTube video:

After choosing the quality, you can now easily download YouTube to mp3 audio files . To do so, go to your Web Browser and Then load the YouTube video. When the video is loaded, you can easily get its URL link . Now you need to copy this link, so to proceed further , Highlight the URL. Then in case of PC, Press Control+ C, and for the Mac, press Command + C. 

Now your YouTube videos URL will be copied.

Go to By Click App and Click on “Paste URL”:

In the last step, after copying that URL, you can proceed to the download process.

It’s a super easy step. In this step, the preview of your video will appear here and that YouTube video will then be downloaded as an audio mp3 file. When your download will be successful, A notification will pop up saying “Download Complete”.

4. Open Video Downloader page (Windows, Mac & Linux ):

YouTube to mp3 - 6 Safe & Easy Methods 2024

Download Open Video Downloader:

There is another way to convert YouTube videos to mp3 files. There is a website download page “https://github.com/StefanLobbenmeier/youtube-dl-gui/releases/latest”, which is the safest platform to download high quality audios. But the condition is that this tool can be used only on Windows and macOS.

If you want to install the “Open Video Downloader” on Windows, Then you can click on the given link “Open-Video-Downloader-Setup-2.4.10.exe”, to install this downloader. In addition to this, If you don’t want to waste your time in the installation of this downloader. Then you can also download the standalone version of the “Open Video Downloader”. Here is the link for it, “Open-Video-Downloader-2.4.10.exe”.

After downloading the “Open Video Downloader”, tap on the file and then follow more given steps to proceed.
Reminder: If you have downloaded the Standalone version, then you can proceed to the next step.

Mostly people face a security error while installing “Open Video Downloader”, so don’t need to worry about it. This error Pop up because the App isn’t signed.
To solve this issue, click “More Info”, Then Click on “Run anyway”.

Secondly, If you want to install Open Video Downloader on macOS. Then Click on the given link to download it ; “Open-Vieo-Downloader-2.4.10.dmg”.

When your download is complete, Click on the DMG file, then go to the app icon.
Then start dragging that app icon to the applications folder.

Reminder: If in any case, like Windows, you spot a security error, Then you can seek help from our guide to install unsigned apps on macOS.

Search for the YouTube video or playlist , whose audio you want to extract as mp3 file.

Now, after installing “Open Video Downloader”, Go to the web browser , search for the YouTube video. Then after selecting the video, Click on it.

Copy the YouTube Video’s Address:

Now, you’ll see an address bar, where you can highlight the URL of a YouTube video. Then you need to copy it’s URL. For that If you’re doing it on PC, then press Control + C.And for Mac, Press Command+ C.

Launch “Open Video Downloader”.

  • As you have already installed “Open Video Downloader” on Windows or macOS. Now , you can have Access to it on your Windows Start Menu or your macOS Application folder.
  • Note: If you have installed the standalone version of Open Video Downloader , then go to downloads folder, then double-click on the file to proceed further.
  • If again in any case, you witness a security error, then no worries, click on the “More Info” option and then click on the “Run anyway” option.
  • Now, If you see that FFmpeg isn’t installed yet, then Open Video Downloader will automatically do it for you.

Paste the Copied URL of a YouTube Video.

Now the YouTube video’s URL, which you have copied before will appear in the bar at the top of the app. But if it doesn’t appear, then Right click the bar and click on “Paste” option.

Click on the (+) tab:

After clicking on the + tab, ,Open Video Downloader will provide us options for downloading video.

From the Menu, Select “Audio only” option.

Here, automatically by default, The Best Option for the quality will be selected. But if you’re okay with the normal sound quality and small audio files , then you also click on the “Worst” option.

Click on the Download Option.

Now you’ll see a download icon (An arrow pointing downward) in the top right corner.

After clicking on this, your mp3 audio will start downloading in default’s download’s folder.

When you see that the download is complete, click on the “Show file” in your folder. Here you can easily view and enjoy the downloaded audio file.

5. Snap Downloader ( Windows and MacOS):

YouTube to mp3 - 6 Safe & Easy Methods 2024

Install the trial version of Snap Downloader on your PC or Mac.

Snap downloader doesn’t provide free services, but it enables us to convert YouTube to mp3 audios and in addition to it, we can also download Facebook or Twitter(𝕏’s) Videos into mp3 audios files.

It offers us good quality mp3 audios.

Initially, we can try out this platform for free to test and to be sure to buy it further. 

You can download the app from the given link ; https://snapdownloader.com

Copy the YouTube video's address:

Now open YouTube on your browser, after that , search for the YouTube video you want to download. Now click on the address bar to highlight the URL of the YouTube video. Then to copy it on Pc, press Control + C,And in case of Mac, press Command+ C.

Paste the URL copied into Snap downloader app:

Now open Snap downloader, and right click the field at the top of snap downloader , and then click on “Paste”.

Select Audio Option under the output format.

Here, you can select the audio format of your choice. You can see the menu on the left side of the app . Under Audio format tab, click on the audio option.

Choose the MP3 option under Output format.

Now after clicking on the MP3 option under Output format. You’ll see Audio quality options on the right side of the app.

Choose an MP3 Audio Quality:

There are various options of audio quality such as; original, 320 kbps, 256 kbps, 128 kbps, 64 kbps and 32 kbps. If you require high quality audio files, then you can opt for 320 kbps audio quality.If you want a lower quality audio then you can go with low bitrates.

There is also a download tab, from where you can choose other configuration options. You can also specify your download folder.

Click on the download option.

Here comes the last step, where your mp3 audio file will be saved on your computer.

6. How to convert YouTube to mp3 audio files on Iphone or Ipad?

YouTube to mp3 - 6 Safe & Easy Methods 2024

Download Documents by Readdle.

The app, named “Documents-File Reader Browser”, allows us to download files from online free YouTube downloaders.

This can’t be done on Safari or chrome.

Now to download this app, Go to your app store. Then follow the steps listed below;

•Now, in the play store, click on the search option in the bottom-right corner.

•Now, click on the search bar at the top of the screen.

•Search for the “documents” App by readdle.

•Tap GET to the right of the “Documents – File Reader Browser”. The app icon is represented with a gray “D” icon with yellow and green tinting in the top-left corner.

Open Documents App and then discover the home screen of the app.

Now, when you open the Documents app, you’ll be asked to select some preferences of your choice. You’ll also be asked if you want to proceed by paying for a subscription, but it’s optional, you can also use it for free so just tap on the cross option and then skip .

Open the Documents App Web Browser.

Now to open the browser in the app, you’ll see a browser icon . Click on this icon , and the app’s browser will start working.

Search for the “Safe Online YouTube to mp3 converters” in a browser.

To select the best YouTube to mp3 converter, you can check the above article to know about best & free YouTube to mp3 converters. If the site doesn’t work, you can obviously try another one.

Copy the YouTube video’s URL:

For this, go to the YouTube app, and search for the video, whose audio you want to download. After selecting the video, Click on the share option below the YouTube video. Then below the share option, you will see more options including a copy link option. Tap on the Copy link option to copy the YouTube video’s link .

Paste YouTube Video’s URL on the Documents App Web Browser .

After copying the video URL, go back to the Documents App Browser. Then you’ll see an interface, where you can paste that video’s URL. To do so, just tap and hold that field and Click on the “Paste” option.

Choose Audio Quality by clicking on the “Audio” option.

Here, you have to tap on the Audio option . After doing so, you’ll see many options to choose the sound quality of your choice.

Select one of the sound quality.

You can select any sound quality with different kbps including “Mp3 96 kbps, Mp3 128 kbps, Mp3 320 kbps” etc.

After choosing the sound quality, you’ll see many options such as; Save, Convert, or download the file.

Choose a location to save audio files.

After clicking on the download option, your audio will start to download. After downloading, you can view it on your iPhone. 

The default download location is situated in the “Documents App” folder called “Downloads”.

But if in any case, you want to change the download location, you can opt for other options too. Otherwise, you can also find the downloaded audio in your iPhone “Files” App.


View your downloads by tapping on the arrow icon at the bottom.

Now, you can easily view all your downloaded files by clicking on the arrow. But before that, in case of larger files, it may take more time as usual to download, so you have to wait for it to download.

Note: Don’t worry, if you observe that the progress bar isn’t moving, because after the completion of the downloading procedure, the progress bar will vanish automatically.

•Enjoy your downloaded mp3 audios .

After following the above steps, now you can listen to your fav mp3 audios by clicking in your Documents by Readdle Download. Furthermore you can also open the files app in your Iphone. After that click on “On my Iphone”, then tap on documents by Readdle.


There are many websites such as ; OnlineVideo Converter, Savefrom.net, Clip Converter, Dirpy.com, Tubemp3, motionbox etc. All you have to do is just enter the URL , Then select the Mp3 format of your choice, then just click on the download option.

The following are some of the safest and free YouTube to mp3 converters ;

1.  YTMP3.
2. OnlyMP3.
3. Y2Meta.app.
4. OnlineVideoConverter.
5. Y2mate.com.co.
6. Flvto.
7. YT Sites.
8. MP3 converter.

Y2Mate is one of the best and well known YouTube video to mp3 converters. It's a free website, which allows us to download YouTube videos easily in just a few minutes , which we can enjoy offline too.

No free online website which claims to convert YouTube videos to mp3 is not totally safe. We have to be cautious while using any website including Y2MATE.

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